How We’ve Helped

Over the past decade, our 501(c)3 organization has supported Soldiers, families, and civilians within the U.S. Army Special Operations community. Our staff consists of volunteers, most of which are veterans and retirees Special Operations units. We provide support through a variety of activities including financial assistance during family hardships, Gold Star family events, and scholarships for wounded Soldier’s family members. We have helped hundreds of Soldiers and their families over the past ten years and aim to do so for another ten.


When Bad Things happen to good people

  • Secret Santa money ($1,000-$1,500) to low-ranking Soldiers and their Families who are struggling during the Christmas holidays

  • Other emergencies where Soldiers and Families have nowhere else to turn

  • Home repairs in desperate situations. For example, when tornadoes ripped through the Fort Bragg area in 2011, the Association presented $500 checks to 90 USASOC Soldiers whose family homes were damaged or destroyed – ostensibly to pay toward insurance deductibles


For our Fallen and their families

  • In 2010, the Association raised $200,000 to replace and construct a world-class Memorial Wall on Meadows Field at the USASOC Headquarters Building

  • Funds for airfare to funerals and memorial services for family members not covered by US Government funding

  • Travel money to offset some costs for lower ranking Soldiers traveling to see dying parents or next-of-kin


USASOC SF&CSA Funded programs

  • Gold Star family attendance to the annual Army/Navy football game.

  • Cybercamp for the children of Special Operations Soldiers.



  • Since 2012, the Patriot Foundation has given us the ability to provide 350 USASOC wounded warrior children and spouse recipients educational scholarship awards totaling $900,000.